911 Memorial Glade

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The 911 Memorial Glade is an area dedicated to paying tribute to the courage and sacrifices of the first responders to the tragedy of 9/11.

Learn who these first responders were, what they did and whether they survived the rescue efforts.

Who were the First Responders?

First responders were brave citizens who grasped the unbelievable occurrence and were quick-witted enough to realize people were stuck inside the burning World Trade Center buildings and needed rescuing!

They were also strong enough to put their emotions on hold and rush to make rescue efforts first, saving many lives.

What is the Memorial Glade?

The 911 Memorial Glade is a dedicated space to pay homage to all those who died, or suffered from illnesses brought on by their attempts to rescue, recover, and rebuild after being exposed to toxins at Ground Zero. 

The purpose of the 911 Memorial Glade is to honor the sacrifices made by the first responders.

They all suffered from exposure to toxins at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 911 attacks. 

The Glade serves as a tribute to those who were injured, sickened, or died as a result of their efforts to rescue, recover, and rebuild following the attacks. 

It is designed to convey the struggle and loss caused by their exposure to toxins while recognizing the courage, selflessness, and perseverance of those who worked at Ground Zero.

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Where is the 911 Memorial Glade?

The 911 Memorial Glade is next to the Survivor Tree, where the primary ramp used during the rescue and recovery effort once stood.

Find the Glade on the 911 Memorial Map.

Design Elements Filled with Meaning

The Glade’s design incorporates several symbolic elements:

  • Six Towering Monoliths: You will find six tall granite towers infused with steel. These massive towers, ranging from 13 to 18 tons, represent responders’ immense challenges. 

Steel recovered from the World Trade Center is embedded within the monoliths, signifying the connection to the attacks.

  • Pathway of Hope: A pathway lined with stones and covered in greenery leads visitors through the Glade. 

This symbolizes the journey of healing and perseverance for those affected by 9/11.

  • Inscribed Words: A heartbreaking inscription etched at the Glade’s entrance pays homage to the responders, survivors, and community members who suffered long-term health issues.

Construction Process of the Glade

Crafting the 9/11 Memorial Glade was a massive undertaking that required careful planning and coordination. 

Skilled craftsmen in Barre, Vermont, meticulously shaped each stone monolith using hammers, chisels, and torches. 

Transporting the monoliths from Vermont to lower Manhattan was no easy task, requiring a 600-ton crane and careful coordination with local authorities. 

Once on-site, the monoliths were placed atop reinforced pathways, ensuring their stability and longevity. 

The 9/11 Memorial Glade was formally dedicated on 30 May 2019, which marks the 17th anniversary of the official end of the recovery works. 

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