9/11 Memorial Events

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The 9/11 Memorial & Museum hosts various programs and events to deepen the understanding of the ongoing impact of the 11 September 2001 attacks on America and all over the world. 

These events aim to educate visitors through film screenings, moderated conversations, and performances. 

To help kids learn about 9/11 and how people reacted to the attacks, the museum also offers dynamic online lessons that are grade-level and theme-specific, virtual field trips, and online programs for teachers and students.

Here are details about events available both on-site and online:

Public Programs

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers various public programs to deepen understanding of the ongoing impact of 9/11 globally. 

These programs include film screenings, moderated conversations, and performances, allowing visitors to engage with different aspects of the attacks, their historical context, and their aftermath.

Upcoming Programs

  • Al-Qaeda: A Threat Evolved?” on 2 May 2024, discusses the current state of al-Qaeda post the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, featuring defense policy researcher Sara Harmouch and Museum Director Clifford Chanin.
  • Rescue Me: A Conversation with Denis Leary & Peter Tolan” on 20 May 2024, commemorates the 20th anniversary of the TV series “Rescue Me,” exploring its portrayal of New York City firefighters post-9/11, with creators Denis Leary and Peter Tolan.
  • O’Hara’s: Resilience on Tap” on 29 May 2024, reflects on the role of community spaces post-9/11, focusing on O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub, with Museum Director Clifford Chanin, Mike Keane (O’Hara’s co-owner), retired firefighter Tim Brown, and Dr. David Abramson (NYU School of Global Public Health).

Most of these programs occur in the auditorium, located on the Atrium Terrace (second floor) level of the Museum. 

Student and Teacher Programs

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum offers various programs for students and teachers to deepen their understanding of the attacks and their ongoing repercussions. 

These programs include:

  • On-Site Field Trips: Inquiry-based, 60-minute tours led by skilled educators that allow students to explore artifacts inside the Museum and uncover the stories they tell.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Dynamic 45-minute virtual tours of the 9/11 Memorial Museum that highlight artifacts and exhibitions, offering time for student questions throughout.
  • Anniversary in the Schools: A free webinar commemorating the anniversary of 9/11, which includes first-person accounts from past webinar programs and is designed for students and teachers.
  • Teacher Professional Development Workshops: These workshops are part of the museum’s online programs for students and teachers. They focus on instructional practices that help students learn about 9/11 and current relevance.
  • Dynamic Online Lessons: These lessons are tailored by theme and grade level, offering age-appropriate content for students to learn about 9/11 and how people responded to the attacks.
  • Teen Ambassador Program: For adolescents starting in grades 10 and 12, the Teen Ambassador program is a year-long, after-school program with a stipend. It provides an inside peek into the 9/11 Memorial & Museum as well as the lingering problems of the attacks.

These programs are designed to educate students and teachers about the significance of 9/11 and its ongoing impact, while also honoring the victims and their families.

Youth and Family Programs

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum provides programs and resources tailored for families and children to learn about the events of 9/11 in an age-appropriate manner.

  • Youth & Family Tour: Guided tours led by educators offer insights into the events of 9/11 and the response afterward, along with art activities to honor the victims.
  • 9/11 Memorial Art Cart: Interactive activities on the Memorial Plaza allow children to explore the stories and symbolism of the 9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center site.
  • Activities at Home: Engaging activities designed to teach children about courage, compassion, resilience, and hope can be accessed remotely.
  • Talking to Children about 9/11: Guidelines are available for parents and caregivers to facilitate discussions with children about the sensitive topics surrounding 9/11 and its impact.

Virtual Tours

Students from grades third to 12th can take fascinating virtual tours of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. 

These interactive interactions provide educational insights and engage the investigation.

Designed to fit into an engaging 45-minute session, these virtual tours highlight the museum’s extensive collection of exhibits and artifacts. 

Throughout the tour, students are encouraged to ask questions in order to engage fully.

These virtual tours provide an emotionally charged experience, complete with sweeping views of the restored World Trade Center and the tragic 9/11 Memorial & Museum. 

These tours provide real-time contact with expert museum professionals via Zoom. The tours are offered in English and follow Eastern Time.

Step into history and honor the resilience of the human spirit by securing your 9/11 Museum tickets today.